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What Does a Damage Restoration Company Do?

Damage restoration companies are the first responders to catastrophe. Whether it's water damage, floods or other causes of water damage, you need a damage restoration company in Chinatown to stop the damage and restore your life and property back to normal.

When suffering from water damage or fire damage, the most important thing is a fast response. You want the damaging factor removed as quickly as possible. If it was a pipe burst or a dishwasher malfunction, water extraction is pretty simple. But if the water was standing there for a long time or huge quantities of water were involved, a more thorough response plan is required.

This is what Restoration Companies Do

Damage restoration companies' job is to restore your Chinatown property and life back to its old condition, with a few problems and in as little time as possible. Professional water damage staff of companies like Flood Damage Pro are experienced and trained in fast response, laying out a restoration plan quickly and efficiently, and carrying it out in the best way. In some cases, it may also involve dealing with your insurance company, or at least assist you in dealing with them.

There a few steps a restoration damage company in Chinatown would take when hired (or asked to provide a professional opinion and provide an estimate of the costs). The first step would be a full assessment of the current condition, including visible damage (such as water on the floor, damaged furniture, etc.) and invisible damage (water in walls, for example).

After the initial inspection and full assessment of the situation, the next steps would be extracting the water, drying the area, removing all the affected items in your home and repairing any parts of your home that need it - if the electricity lines got wet, if water seeped in to walls, if the water flooded the crawl space - these will need to be repaired and taken care of by the restoration company.

Make sure you hire the right company

If you want to hire the right restoration company for your home or business, make sure the company is licensed and insured to carry out such work, and that they have been trained by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification) who provide training and standards for the restoration industry.

In addition, you should always check with your insurance company or insurance agent regarding what is covered by your home insurance policy. You will pay the restoration company, and you will be reimbursed by the insurance company, but you should check what parts of the work are covered. Moreover, the insurance company may want to send their own adjuster, so check with them first, and in any case, take as many photos of the damage as you can.

We Work Hard for You and Your Family

We know what restoration companies do. We are experienced, skilled and trained for catastrophe, from small leaks and bursts to floods filling up your basement. If you want your home restored quickly, professionally and with as little concern on your side, choose Flood Damage Pro. We are the #1 water damage restoration company in Chinatown.

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