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Mold Inspection and Testing Lanier Heights

Did you just buy your dream house? Then the first thing you need to do is mold inspection and testing. You definitely don't want some nasty microorganisms making their way into your beautiful home.

Have you already spotted mold in your house and wondering why you still need to get it inspected? Even if you can see the mold, you need the experts at Flood Damage Pro to determine exactly what is needed for mold remediation.

Mold Inspection Lanier Heights

Mold inspection is a must-do preliminary process in which an expert mold inspector visits your house and checks it visually. This is to make a remediation play of what all needs to be done and to give you an estimate of how much it will cost you to get rid of the mold.

Our mold inspection Lanier Heights experts make use of advanced technology including moisture detectors to find areas in your house which are moist because molds grow in these places. They will also check if the mold is toxic or not using their profound knowledge.

You will receive written information about what they found at the end of the following business day. Flood Damage Pro's mold inspection service costs $149.

Lanier Heights Mold Testing Service

Mold inspection is followed by mold testing, in which our mold remediation experts take two samples, including one air sample and one surface sample and take it for testing at an independent laboratory, which is sufficient to get an idea of the mold's nature. At Flood Damage Pro, we use methods like spore trap sampling and spore traps to get the best samples to analyze and check them for toxicity. Mold testing results help us to formulate a solid action plan to get rid of mold and stop them from occurring again.

Our Lanier Heights mold testing service costs $350, which includes two samples and a full written analysis report. If you want us to test mold from other parts of the house, we charge $75 extra for each sample. You will receive the results on your email in the next three business days but if you want the results the very next day, we can rush the results for a small fee.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please call 202-787-3959.

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